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Let us celebrate

with you

like family. 

Take two sisters...

➕Add a Mama who has always loved to celebrate in a big way - whether it was an average day or birthdays and special occasions
➕Plus a Daddy that has always been our Peter Pan; you know, “Have fun and embrace your inner child, no matter what age you are?!”
➕Toss in a large helping of “You can do all things through Christ”

... and you’ve got Carrie & Rebekah.

Between the two of us we’ve planned COUNTLESS birthday parties, baby showers, bridal showers, engagement parties, fundraisers, corporate events, celebrations of life, formal balls/galas, and weddings. The ones we’ve enjoyed the most are the ones we’ve done TOGETHER.

We’ve named our new company in honor of our daughters. Unlike us, these two beauties were blessed with brothers but our hope is that these girls will love one another as sisters and know the bond we, Carrie & Rebekah, share.

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, BLUE is Grace’s birthstone color and the POPPY is McKenna’s birth flower.

Welcome to Blue Poppy Events.

Make each day a Special Day!

Life is short.

Too short not to find a reason to celebrate something

each and every day.

Through event planning, I've found a way to help others maximize their own joy on these special days. By coupling my personal penchant for anything creative, theatrical, and celebratory with my love of organizing and planning, I hope to bring your event to life!  

Carrie Gillard
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Any time is

party time!

Fun should have been

my middle name.  

No matter the type of event, we want your guests to remember the joy, participate in the fun, 

and create memories

that will last a lifetime.  

Let us handle the details and you enjoy the day!

Rebekah Daniel
Co-Founder & Creative Director
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