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What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Coordinator and a Venue Coordinator?

Imagine this scene with us for a moment, will you?

You have found the wedding venue you LOVE! It’s just what you’ve been looking for. You get the contract, read it over, and see that the amenities description lists that a Venue Coordinator is included. Great! That’s an added bonus. Someone to coordinate your wedding!

Welllll, it IS an added bonus. But you’re not getting what you THINK you might be getting.

A Venue Coordinator is just that… someone who coordinates anything to do with your VENUE. This person will be there to ensure the doors are unlocked before you or any of your vendors arrive. They will confirm the venue is clean and prepared to welcome you and your guest. The Venue Coordinator will typically oversee the placement of tables and chairs are as you requested for your ceremony and reception spaces. They will also be there throughout the duration of your event to see that any needs or requirements you have pertaining to the actual venue and its functions are handled.

What you are NOT getting in a Venue Coordinator is someone to facilitate the moment-to-moment details of your actual wedding activities. This is the job of a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator. A wedding coordinator will be with you and your guests throughout the entire day but we are focused on YOUR needs and those of your family and friends. Wedding Coordinators are the ones who will ensure the flowers are in place, the officiant has a microphone, your wedding party is lined up and ready to process down the aisle ON TIME, and that all of the details you worked so hard to plan actually take place.

Typically, the Venue Coordinator and the Wedding Coordinator work in conjunction with one another to verify your wedding day is exactly what you dreamed it would be. As a team, the two people in these roles will watch over the timeline, flow, and safety of your dream wedding day with the Venue Coordinator looking over PLACE logistics and the Wedding Coordinator looking over PEOPLE logistics. So, while you ARE getting a true amenity when your venue lists a Venue Coordinator on your contract, ensure you fully understand the difference between the two roles before you continue with your wedding planning efforts.


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